Apple might be releasing its very first iPhone "phablet" in May, according to new rumors.

The "phablet," which combines the functions of the phone and the tablet, is said to be debuting in May, according to the Chinese publication Huanqiu, discovered via Yahoo Japan. These innovative new devices will be a part of their own separate line, according to the publication, separate from the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

The iPhone phablets are supposed to have a display bigger than five inches, with a 20 nanometer processor that will either be a new A8 processor or an A7 CPU.

The iPhone 6 is reportedly going to be released in September of this year, much like the iPhone 5s and 5c in 2013, according to ET News of South Korea.

More rumors have been swirling about the iPhone 6, including a possibly rebranding of the name. According to rumors picked up by Forbes, the new iPhone 6 could actually be named the iPhone Air. The new phone is said to be much thinner than the previous generation iPhones.

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The current iPhone 5s has a depth of 7.6 mm, while the new iPhone 6 is said to have a depth of 6 mm. Forbes also notes that there have been many rumors that the phone will be bigger as well. Presuming these rumors are true, the new iPhone 6 will likely be longer and sleeker than any previous generation iPhone.

Apple has not confirmed any of these rumors but they will likely make announcements on their new line of products in the next few months.