New details on the upcoming edition of CBS' The Young and the Restless have indeed emerged, as Chloe will confront Chelsea, and Adam and Billy will struggle with one another over the latter's gun.

Y&R Spoilers From Tuesday, January 28, 2014

At the Abbott's, Paul informs Jack that there's now a warrant out for Adam's arrest because they think he's the hit-and-run driver.

Victoria tells Victor that she has to locate Billy before he kills Adam. Victor says that he'll go with her.

Y&R Spoilers From Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kevin informs Chloe that they'll get Adam. Kevin turns away and Chloe leaves. Vikki tells Kevin that Billy has a gun.

Chelsea speaks to Connor about where Adam may be and he she wasn't aware what was happening.

Avery lets Dylan know that she's proud about how he handled the situation with Ian. Dylan thinks they should head back to her place.

Ian phones Clarence and tells him that the reunion with Nicole wasn't what he hoped for, but the path can be fixed with obstacles.

Dylan pays Nikki a visit and informs her that Ian showed up at Crimson Lights. He said that he told him he wasn't allowed in his life.

At gunpoint by the roadside memorial of Delia, Adam pleas with Billy not to do it, saying he had a son. Adam says that he should've come forward after the deadly incident , but it wasn't intentional. The crime was him not stepping up and saying he did it.

Billy soon forces Adam into the car and makes him drive. They head to Delia's school and Billy speaks about her success that night inside the auditorium. he says that Connor will attend that school and Adam won't get to see any of it.

Chelsea informs Chloe that Adam hasn't said anything. Chloe tells her that she's still her friend and she'll help to give Connor a good home.

Billy tells Adam that everyone needs to learn what he did so that they'll keep Connor away from him forever. Billy's goal is to make sure Adam never gets to see Connor again. Adam thinks Billy takes part of the blame himself for leaving Delia in the car alone. He grabs the gun. It pops off, and the car crashes.

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