The drama on CBS' The Young and the Restless continues to build as the situation between Billy and Delia's killer, Adam heats up even further.

Spoilers From The January 27, 2014 Edition Of Y&R 

Avery sees that Dylan is distracted. He informs her that Nikki told him that Ian Ward is now in Genoa City.

Nikki is caught off guard by a knock at the door. She flashes back to Ian, but it's actually Paul. He says that he's searching for Victor.

Victor tells Victoria some information that has come to the surface about Adam. Vikki tells him she's already aware that Adam is moving to Paris. Victor tells her the plan was hatched to hide from the police. He informs her that Adam was the one who hit and killed Delia.

Meanwhile, at the roadside memorial, Billy forces Adam to say that he killed Delia. Adam says it's time for him to go to prison, but Adam states that they aren't finished. Adam says there wasn't any impact, which is why he didn't think he did it.

Billy wants Adam dead, but the latter said he's not a murderer. The former says he plans on doing something much worse than killing him.

Summer pays Fen a visit at the jail and gives him his word that she's fine. Summer is sorry that he had to go back to prison for helping her.

In the park, Summer informs Esmeralda that it's not her fault when it comes to the pills. She speaks about giving up on modeling and feeling lost.

Spoilers From The Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Edition Of Y&R

Adam goes on about how he swerved away from a dog and checked if he hit anything, which he thought he didn't However, once he located the scarf he knew. Soon after, Adam admits that he killed Delia.

Kevin tells a crying Chloe, "You weren't supposed to find out this way. She asks, "Adam is the hit-and-run driver?"

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