New information has surfaced on CBS' The Young and the Restless, as Jack will get into a confrontation with Victor and Billy and Adam are searched for.

Y&R Spoilers From Wednesday, January 29, 2014

At Vikki's house, Nick and Nicki try to emphasize that Billy wouldn't do anything that would keep him away from her and Johnny.

Meanwhile, at the station, Paul has his officers looking for Billy and Adam around the site of Delia's death. Later on, an officer brings Adam's glove in.

From inside a wrecked car, someone kicks out the window and a bloody hand is shown. One of them gets to his feet and stumbles away through the snow.

Y&R Spoilers From Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chris informs Lauren and Michael that since Fen accepted the deal, she's moving him to a jail out of town. Michael requests that they put off the hearing for now, but Chris and Fen don't want that.

Traci and Abby are concerned about Adam and Billy. Traci states that it must be getting to Jack.

Victor tells his investigator that his witness spoke to the police. He wants him to locate Adam and Billy. As the person exits, Jack shows up. He confronts Victor about having knowledge that Adam was the person behind Delia's death and using it to his own advantage.

Jack comes home and informs Traci that Victor won't come clean about anything, but he was correct and Nicole agreed too.

Paul and Nick get to the scene of the car crash. Nick says that it's Adam's car. An eyewitness stated that a man walked away. Nick yells to Paul that someone is still inside the vehicle, and they aren't sure who it is. The car soon blows up into flames.

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