Though some sporting events are scheduled to begin before the opening ceremonies, the main kick-off event for the Sochi Winter Games is set for Friday, Feb. 7.

Sports fans eager to watch the games can look forward to several things during the kick-off event. According to The Bleacher Report, the event will provide the first real look at Fisht Olympic Stadium, where a bulk of the action will take place over the course of the two week event.

The 40,000 seat arena was reportedly designed to give spectators a view of both the mountains to the north and the sea to the south.

The traditional Parade of Nations, which features the athletes from every country filing out in front of the audience, will close the ceremony as usual.

According to The Telegraph, the Sochi Olympics will also be expected to dazzle audiences with prime entertainment during the Opening Ceremonies as well.

Though most parts of the performances are still being kept secret, it has been reported that viola player Yuri Bashmet and conductor Valery Gergiev will be featured at the event, as well as the members of the British team who staged the Isles of Wonder show at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

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Bashmet and Gergiev are also reportedly heading up a children's choir of 1,000 members during the performance, which Pianist Denis Matsuev confirmed his involvement in.

"For sure, I am participating in the Olympics. But how? I will not disclose secrets. Naturally, I will play the piano and root for our athletes," he said.

Though involvement cannot be confirmed, members of the Russian ballet and the Great Moscow State Circus are also reportedly involved in the Opening Ceremony show.

Though the Opening Ceremonies are considered the official start to the games, some events are actually scheduled to begin airing on Thursday night, Feb.6, including snowboarding, figure skating and freestyle skiing.

The Opening Ceremonies are scheduled to begin airing Friday night at 7:30 p.m. EST on NBC.