Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic athlete and the girlfriend of Tiger Woods, revealed her situation on the difficulty of not being able to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics this year.

The alpine ski racer had to make the decision of not competing due to knee injuries.

On Wednesday, SheKnows reported that Vonn received support from her mom and her golfer boyfriend, Tiger Woods.

"He just reminds me to be patient, that everything is going to be fine," Vonn said. "I really appreciate all the support he has given me. It makes a big difference."

Vonn mentioned that her mom had a stroke when she had her daughter and was never able to ski with her.

"Her support has always meant a lot," Vonn said. "Her toughness and positivity have always helped me get through challenges, especially with my injuries."

"She always sees the positivity in everything," Vonn added. "She always says, 'There's always tomorrow. There's always another race.' When you say it like that, it sounds really simple. It's not that simple. But she makes me feel like it's possible."

While the Winter Olympics take place, Von will reportedly work as an NBC Olympic correspondant, according to Wednesday's post on USA Today. There is a chance that she won't be watching the events since this may be too difficult for her.

"I think maybe watch the technical events, but I'm not sure I'll watch the downhill," Vonn said. "It may be too emotional for me, but we'll see."