While Teen Wolf's Stiles Stilinski may be slowly moving past his longtime crush on the school genius, his connection will Lydia will play a major role in his battle with the Nogitsune.

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The quick-witted teen has been harboring romantic feelings for Lydia (Holland Roden) since season 1, but his recent kiss with Malia (Shelly Hennig) could serve to put that all behind him. However, Lydia served as Stiles' anchor during the ritualistic suicide in season 3A, and the banshee may have a similar role to play as 3B comes to a close.

"There's nothing romantic in Lydia and Stiles' immediate future, unfortunately, but you will be happy to know that their bond will play a major part in the pack's rescue efforts," reported TV Line's Michael Ausiello. "Lydia has a deep connection to Stiles, and that will be crucial when it comes to ridding him of that pesky Japanese spirit."

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Even though there may not be a Stydia romance brewing in 3B, Stiles still has Lydia on his mind.

"Stiles is comfortable with having Lydia in his heart," O'Brien explained to Wetpaint. "He knows he can't force her to reciprocate [his feelings]. He's had a lot of experience in this field at this point with her not reciprocating. I don't think he's a jealous guy. He wants her to be happy. He does have strong feelings for her, but he has a lot of other stuff going on that has to come first."

It looks like much of Stiles love life will depend on whether Malia decides to retake her werecoyote form on a permanent basis or remain a teenage girl.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Check out Stiles and Lydia in the new end-of-season trailer below.