‘Amazing Race’ Season 24 Cast: Eliminated 'All-Stars' Joey Graceffa & Meghan Camarena Say That Flight Was 'Kind Of Ridiculous’? [VIDEO]


Following their elimination from The Amazing Race All-Stars Sunday, YouTube personalities Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena have since spoken out about what knocked them out of the competition so early on.

Joey and Meghan "Wouldn't Play Nice?"

In an interview with TV Guide on March 10, they revealed that while they made a potentially fatal mistake by allowing their taxi to leave while in a remote area of Malaysia, they have no regrets about doing so because they feel they probably would have been last if they kept it as well.

"Our car was breaking down. We thought we were going to get stuck going up the hill. He was not good at all. We didn't think about getting a taxi afterwards," Graceffa said.

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"We left for the location at the same time as Brendon and Rachel and John and Jessica, but we got there super later than them because this car was awful," Camarena added. "He made us 10 minutes later, which is a lot in Race time, especially when you're the last three teams. And the Roadblock wasn't hard at all. So, we didn't want him anymore. We probably would've come in last had we kept that taxi."

The team has also revealed that the lack of an equalizer between the group of teams (who were separated by a three-hour difference in flight times), also helped do them in.

"Where you started on the leg was where you were going to end. Legs were really short, to be honest," Graceffa said. "They were really easy this time around and no one was making mistakes. It was really hard to pass anyone, so where you started was where you were going to end."

Camarena agreed with Graceffa, saying, "... It just seemed like they wanted one of those three teams on the second flight to get out.. Seriously, there wasn't going to be a chance for any of the three of us to pull ahead of the first flight. It was kind of ridiculous. We had to come to terms with that, like, 'OK. Guess this is the way the Race is gonna be this time."

Though they both admit they have no regrets, in a separate elimination interview with CBS, the team revealed that if they were asked to race a third time, the way three teams in this season are now, they would pass on the opportunity.

Though that interview doesn't attribute who said what, the interview does quote Camarena and Graceffa as saying that despite it being their last trek around the world, they were glad they did it.

"Honest, first thought was 'what a waste of time' but after that I realized it was out of our control and I was grateful for the opportunity. We made some great new friendships and got to bring ur fans on one last TAR journey!" they said.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS

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