To the excitement of its fans, CBS's hit TV series, Criminal Minds, has attached The Office standout Brian Baumgartner, who will reportedly be tackling his most evil role yet.

According to TVLine on March 17, Baumgartner will play the part of an individual who abruptly makes the decision to start committing brutal murders. The BAU will be on the hunt for the respective character and do its best to solve the case.

The actor is set to come on board for the 22nd episode of season 9, which is called Fatal. Carter Matt stated that Baumgartner could be this season's version of The Regulator. While the outcome on whether he'll be the main antagonist come season's end is still up in the air, it's undoubtedly a strong possibility.

In the upcoming installment, The Edge of Winter, the Behavioral Analysis Unit will attempt to close another murder case that involving several unorthodox stabbings that transpired in upstate, New York. However, Morgan's (Shemar Moore) hunt for answers from a survivor could very well spark additional queries surrounding the initial investigation.

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Next up for CBS's Criminal Minds will be its 19th episode, The Edge of Winter. Please be sure to keep checking back with Enstars for more of the latest details on the popular program.