Mother/Son team Margie O'Donnell and Luke Adams were the fourth team eliminated from The Amazing Race All-Stars, and now they have vented their frustration over tasks which were not friendly to Adams' hearing impairment.

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In an interview with Reality TV World, Adams revealed the reason why he got fed up during the leg in Kuala Lumpur before their elimination on the March 23 episode, was because other teams had an option in Detour tasks. While at the dance club, teams could choose between a deejaying or bartending task, but because deejaying was not deaf-friendly, he did not have a choice. The inability to switch tasks contributed to his and Margie's finishing in second to last place that leg.

"We tried to switch the task and we realized how the deejaying task is a hearing-based task. It's pretty much based on following the rhythm & music. There's NO way that I could have pulled it off so we realized that we were left with no choice but to go back to the martini-glass task," he said. "...I thought it was unfair how other teams had two tasks to choose while we were stuck with one task."

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"I was more frustrated about how the deejaying task was not deaf-friendly to me," he added.

After finally completing the difficult martini glass task, Margie and Luke were able to check in ahead of Brendan Villegas and Rachel Reilly, who also were spared elimination. However, their check-in times prevented both teams from getting on the same connecting flight as the other teams to get to Sri Lanka.

O'Donnell has admitted now that they just had pure bad luck when it came to the flight situation this time around.

"Luke and I attempted to [find the travel agency] but we couldn't find it. The cab driver was just all over the place. We looked for about 45 minutes...," she said. "Once we got to the airport we found somebody that had a computer and they were helping us look at flights, so we knew that that flight [to Singapore] was available but we couldn't buy that second leg's ticket at the airport."

Reilly and Villegas were on the flight they couldn't get on, which had only a 30-minute connection time between their flight arriving in Singapore and their next one taking off for Sri Lanka. Unlike Margie and Luke, they had found the travel agency, and were sold those tickets.

Since they were so far behind the other teams, O'Donnell and Adams were unable to complete any of the tasks in Sri Lanka, and were eliminated when they arrived at the Pit Stop.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.  Watch the video of Luke getting frustrated over the martini-glass task here.