A Boy Meets World series spinoff has probably felt like a long time coming for fans of the hit 1990's sitcom. While '90s kids can breathe easy now that the Disney Channel has officially released the cast photo for Girl Meets World, some may still wonder why Mr. Feeny is not present in the official photo.

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Tuesday, People magazine shared the news that Boy Meets World's Cory and Topanga, played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishell respectively, "are back to reprise their roles on a brand new Disney Channel series." Not only is the Disney show couple back in action on their new sitcom Girl Meets World, but they're also married and have two children together.

Back when Boy Meets World wrapped in 2000, middle school sweethearts Cory and Topanga were finishing up with college, had gotten married, and were making moving plans from their hometown Philadelphia area towards New York City. Now, in the new series as parents, they're raising their son Auggie and 7th grade daughter Riley, in the Big Apple.

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Reportedly, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World actress Rowan Blanchard will play the role of Riley, who is the focal character in the upcoming series. Girl Meets World is said to pick up after over 10 years from where its predecessor left off, and according to series creator Michael Jacobs, it "is a new show for a new generation that will be rooted in the same kind of honest, comedic, storytelling about coming of age and the importance of family and friendship that made Boy Meets World so popular."

Plus, though Mr. Feeny is not shown in the newly released cast photograph, it is said that he will be returning in the spinoff slated to premiere later in 2014. After all, what would the show be without dear old Mr. Feeny?