'Teen Wolf' Season 4: Scott Tackles 'Very Human Problems' & 'Difficult' Family Times [VIDEO]


The young supernatural entities of Beacon Hills will be facing some very human problems when Teen Wolf returns for its fourth season.

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The Nogitsune plotline wrapped up during "The Divine Move," and Teen Wolf's next baddie appears to be Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) werejaguar. Scott will take his pack down to Mexico to help Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) during the season premiere, but it looks like he will be dealing with a lot more than a new foe when "The Dark Moon" airs.

"We call it our Raiders of the Lost Ark episode. It's very action packed," said series creator Jeff Davis in reference to "The dark Moon," according to Entertainment Weekly. "But it's going to be the episode that starts the group in a new direction...It's going to take some time to get over [Allison's death]. But these resilient teenagers are going to have new challenges to face...What happens in season 4 is very human problems start to arise."

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Davis hinted at the nature of these upcoming difficulties while speaking with Zap2It.

"I came up with an idea, literally just couple of weeks ago. It comes out of real-life issues ... and you'll see it brings in some new villains and some very difficult times for Scott and his friends and his family," Davis explained, adding, "there's a feeling of 'The Empire Strikes Back' in Season 4."

While Scott will probably be dealing with some issues regarding his absentee father, he hopefully Scott won't also lose a hand in the process.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.

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