It is no secret that Simon Cowell, absconded with his former friend's wife, Lauren Silverman, whom he also impregnated last year. However, who knew X Factor judge Cowell was suffering from depression, as well?

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Recent reports regarding the relationship of the newfound parents state that while the 54-year-old father is elated by his bundle of joy, he is not too keen on how his relationship with his son's mother came about. Tuesday, Fox News revealed, "Simon Cowell says he isn't proud of how his relationship with Lauren Silverman started - as an affair with the wife of one of his best friends - but he says being a father has changed his life for the better."

Earlier this year, the couple welcomed a baby boy into their lives, and named the little guy Eric. As a proud papa would, Cowell exclaimed "I was born to be a dad," however, he "regrets" the affair. "It is not something I am proud of or wanted to happen in terms of hurting anyone. It just happened," he acknowledged.

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Likewise, on April 8 the Daily Record shared that the wealthy television producer would lock himself in at home for weeks on end, pulling all-nighters as he "struggled to cope with the pressure of making a success of the X Factor in America." Plus, he admitted that both he and his doctor knew he was depressed, and stated, "You are always looking for the next high from the show and then if you haven't got anyone to share it with, you can go a bit nuts."

Good thing for him though, his house is now a home and he a family man who is more focused than a year ago. "Maybe because it puts things in perspective, having two new people in my life who I am responsible for," shared Cowell.

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