Haven is gearing up for a whole host of season 5 troubles.

The Colorado Kid's 'Story Isn't Finished,' When Will James Cogan Return To 'Haven'?

The cast and crew are currently making a staggered arrival back in Chester, Nova Scotia and the start of filming for the 26-episode season is only days away.

"Two new scripts. 4 days to camera. Sets almost up. Camera hair make up tests today. Everyone's arriving. It's gonna be great! #Haven," wrote director/executive producer Shawn Piller on Tuesday.

'Haven' Actors React To Super-Sized Renewal From SyFy

Originally based off of Steven King's The Colorado Kid, the Syfy series takes place in the fiction town of Haven, Maine - a place with a complicated past and a dangerous secret. The plot revolves around the work of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), Detective Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant), and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) as they fight to protect Haven from the Troubles and unravel the town's supernatural past.

The series ended season 4 on a major cliffhanger, and fans have been waiting doggedly to find out what will happen in the aftermath of William's (Collin Ferguson) fall into the world of the Barn. With Duke and Jennifer (Emma Lahana) near death, Audrey under the sway of her original self, and Dave (John Dunsworth) in a trace like state from the portal, there are only a select few characters who will have their wits about them when season 5 premieres.

Haven will return to Syfy later this year. Catch up on season 4 with the video below.