Haven fans can finally breath a sigh of relief - the SyFy drama has managed to snag a 26-episdode season 5 renewal.

While the exceptionally large number of renewals may be split over two years in 13-epsiode blocks (much like have a season 5 and a season 6), the super-sized renewal means writers won't have to worry about scripting around a possible cancellation following episode 13. In the end, it means there's just that much more Haven heading to your TV screen, a fact which leaves very little for fans to complain about.

The series, which is based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid, follows the work of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), Detective Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant), and Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) as they work to protect Haven from the Troubles and unravel the town's supernatural past.

Following the announcement of their continued employment, the Haven cast and crew took to Twitter in order to celebrate and thank their fans.

"HUGE NEWS! We got a 26 ep. pickup! 13 new HAVEN eps-fall & icing on the cake 13 more eps in 2015. #workingmybuttoff #DiscoverHaven #truth," Rose announced on Wednesday.

"I just want to thank all the #Haven fans for your love, support, and crazy obsessive persistence! You made #Haven5 happen!" tweeted Balfour while Bryant chimed in to thank "the best fans ever."

Meanwhile, series creator Sam Ernst is just relieved the news is finally out there.

"There are many reasons why I'm thrilled Haven got picked up, even more than 26 of them," tweeted Ernst. "But #1 is I don't have to keep the secret anymore."

Click the video below to catch up on season 4.