A number of actors have made their way from movies and television to theater, one of the latest being Neil Patrick Harris as the leading role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Neil Patrick Harris Twitter Spree?

The rock musical about a transsexual stage performer stars Harris where he recently dished to ABC News on what it's been like for him to dress up as well as what his children think about it.

In a clip published on Thursday, Harris mentioned that his twins did in fact see him behind the stage where they seemed pretty amused about their father's role.

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween Family PHOTOS

"Gideon and Harper did come to the dressing room and see me getting made up," Harris said. "They think it's hilarious. Harper loves the glitter. They both like the nail polish so they think all of that is very funny."

The actor also mentioned that his children had a lot of questions for him, and it's important for the topic to be discussed.

"We've been dressing up with them for a long time, Halloween costumes and things," Harris said. "I think it's important they know what we do as opposed to just, 'Papa's going to work and we don't talk about that.'"

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