Florida Sinkhole News: Massive Fifty-Foot Deep Sinkhole Threatens to Destroy Entire Block of Homes in Orlando? [VIDEO]

A fatal sinkhole threatened to take down a bunch of homes with it in an Orlando neighborhood on April 20.

The sinkhole -- which was estimated to be 50 feet deep -- opened up couple of weeks ago and seemed harmless to begin with as it was small hole in one of the yards. But with time the hole kept exanding at a rapid pace, and its circumference came to be about 25-30 feet and is also approaching the roadway, according to a report by ABC news. It is being suggested that heavy rains exacerbated the situation causing the boggy ground to further cave in. Now it has endangered two homes that lie about periphery.

The residents of the community -- The Villages retirement community in Sumter County -- were busying up trying to salvage the homes that lie in the sinkholes surrounding areas as the gaping void now threatens to eat them up.

Before the hole blew up, Drew Glasbrenner, a geologist, came to the site with his team of experts and they tried to fix the situation by filing up the hole and also bolstering the foundation of the homes.

The families in the insecure homes have been evacuated and efforts to fill the hole with cement and concrete are currently underway.

The abundance of undergound water -- which deteriorates the enabling limestone -- in Florida makes it somewhat of a landmine of sinkholes.

Watch an ABC clip about the story here:

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