There's always a bit of controversy surrounding paparazzi photos, but fans of some of the biggest celebrities are never shocked to find snaps of the stars splashed across magazine covers and circulating online.

However, while magazine covers may often devote their time strictly to celebrities considered to be A-List including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and members of the Kardashian clan, photos of other celebrities have on occasion paid out more to photographers.

According to photographer Vladimir Labisserie in an interview with Rolling Stone, he has made significant money off of photographing celebrities, raking in $100,000 in 2013 alone, and while several of his photos may be of some big A-listers, he revealed that some of his best paydays came from getting shots of celebrities that weren't necessarily considered as prestigious.

One prime example of his most prestigious payday came from catching a photo of Amanda Bynes back in 2012 as she left her gym while he ate at a Mexican restaurant. Fresh off having her license suspended following two alleged hit-and-run accidents, Labisserie managed to get exclusive photos of the actress that no one else had -- and made a whopping $85,000 as a result.

He also admitted in the interview that while photos of reality stars like the Kardashians, or pop stars like Harry Styles of One Direction might be the most popular, they're not ones which always bring in significant paydays because of the mass of photos taken of them. Photos of Kardashian kid Kendall Jenner ranges from $100 to $1,000. The four-figure sum is only for exclusives of the reality star-and the same amount is one he can get if he happens to catch a photo of Mad Men actress January Jones with her two-year-old son Xavier.  

So which celebrities have turned up some surprisingly large or small paydays for Labisserie? Scroll through the photo gallery to find out.

Disclaimer: Enstars does not use paparazzi photos, and the ones included in this slide show are not ones taken by Labisserie.