Victoria and Stitch heat up while Chloe tells Billy to back off on the next episode of The Young and the Restless.

Victor Threatens Ian Ward's Life  

Victoria and Stitch pass through the park and he says they should have their first date right there. He picks some flowers from the garden and hands them to her. Vikki apologizes for the incident with Billy the previous night at the hospital, but Stitch tells her not to worry. They chow down on some hot dogs and spark up conversation. Vikki asks Stitch about his marriage and he responds that it's over. Moments later, Victoria throws up in the bushes.

Later on at the club, Stitch tells Victoria not worry about getting sick and adds that it probably wasn't food poisoning. She still feels it was the hot dog they ate and also thanks him for his kind words. Yet, it's hard not to wonder: Could she be pregnant?

Chloe & Chelsea Get Violent?   

Drama continues elsewhere as Lily and Cane are at home with Colin and Jill. Cane mentions Victor's offer, which is connected to Bonaventure. Jill warns Cane about Victor and they begin to argue. Cane insists that his concern is finding out if someone set him up. Shortly after, Colin runs outside and makes a call to someone saying plans have changed and he needs to meet immediately.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Chloe speak about their trip to the cemetery and Delia's Easters. They also talk about the incident at the fashion show and Chloe says she's working on getting better. Nothing will ever be the same, she adds.

In the meantime, Chelsea is sitting with Connor at the penthouse and Kevin comes to speak about Chloe. He asks if Chelsea was serious about forgiveness and she says she is. But, as for Chloe seeing Connor, that won't happen until she gets some help.

At that moment, Billy comes and says he was just with Chloe. Kevin departs feeling a bit uneasy with Billy's appearance. Chelsea says that Connor is better but Billy better not kiss her again. They then hear Connor coughing and run to his aide. 

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