The Cassie lookalike is stirring up a lot of trouble in Genoa City, especially on the next episode of The Young and The Restless.

Will Billy Discover Stitch's Secret? 

The drama continues at the ranch with Victor and Nikki as he tells her he's right about Sharon. That moment security knocks and Sharon is begging to see Victor. She tells him she needs his help with her secret. Sharon also explains that her therapist said there is indeed a secret but it's been forgotten in the treatment. Mr. Newman said it will hurt Nick but Sharon insists she wants to remember it to protect him. After Victor says that Phyllis knows it all, he tells Sharon to get out of Nick's life for good.

Victor Threatens Ian Ward's Life?    

Back at the hotel, Abby speaks with Tyler about Victor's misdoings. She's appalled that he was able to use a lookalike. She then sees the bracelet on the floor that Mariah purposely left. Tyler confesses that Mariah is there and staying across the hall. Abby says he should've told her sooner and even threatens Mariah's well-being. Later, she sees Mariah in the hallway and she yells at her for all she's done. Tyler pops up and Abby tells him her connection to Victor. Abby quickly calls the police but Tyler tries to convince her to stop. Mariah seems pleased with the sight.

Back at Avery's apartment, Nick arrives as she and Dylan are hanging out. Nick explains that he's there because of what his father has done. He feels he will have to do something he didn't think he'd have to again like the time he turned Mr. Newman in to the police. Avery thinks the best punishment would be his family turning on him. After Dylan leaves, Nick says he's back with Sharon. Later on, Avery receives a bouquet of roses.

Dylan heads over to the ranch to find only Victor, who doesn't know where Nikki is. Dylan says he's worried that Ian Ward will get to Nikki. Mr. Newman tells Dylan to call Nikki. At that moment, Dylan gets a call from Avery thanking him for the flowers. The only problem is, he didn't send them.

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