WATCH 'Rookie Blue' Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peak VIDEO: Sam Recovers From Surgery, While Andy Decides Between Him & Nick


Rookie Blue is back, and a sneak peak video of this season's drama has just hit the net!

This season's theme of "Life is not a fairy tale," will prove that lives of these rookie cops at 15 Divison have changed tremendously. 

"Life is not a fairy tale is the reality we're dropped in to right in the beginning of the season. We pick off right where we ended the last season," Peter Mooney says, who plays the character of Nick Collins. 

Season 4 ended with Sam getting shot at the precinct and Andy McNally confessing her love to him during the ambulance ride. 

A sneak peak for the season premiere shows Sam being rushed in to the emergency room and Andy asking the doctors if he's going to make it. 

"Is everything ok?" Andy asks.

"We need to get the bleeding under control," one doctor says. 

"It's major surgery. We're doing our best, but he's lost a lot of blood," another responds. 

Missy Peregrym who plays Andy McNally reveals that her character is indeed in a love triangle because she loves both Nick and Sam.

"In the heat of the moment, she was really afraid of losing Sam that she has to make a decision on whether or not she's going to stay with Nick--they make a great partnership or she just goes right for Sam, which is risky," Peregrym says.

Sam eventually makes it through surgery and returns back to 15 Division.

Ben Bass who plays his character reveals that in order for 

Sam and Andy to work this time around, "they're going to have to change."

"Things need to be different," Peregrym says off camera. 

During this season, fans will also get to see a different side of Sam and more about his family. 

The writers of Rookie Blue admitted that most of the characters have changed. 

"We can't write those guys the same way we did first season even if we wanted to, they've learned too much."

Season 5 will premiere on Canada's network Global TV on May 19 and will begin in the US on ABC on June 19. 

Watch the sneak peak here:

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