Recently, sworn court documents by Dean McDermott's ex-wife exposed his former cocaine habit, as well as his out of control spending. It accused him "of medicating himself with cocaine, alcohol and prescription drugs." All this was apparently news to Tori Spelling, who struggles to keep her marriage together.

Dean McDermott's Ex-Wife's Court Documents Leaked! Dean's 'Cocaine' Use Revealed

McDermott's former wife, Mary Jo Eustace, dropped a loaded bomb in those court documents claiming that, "I believe Dean McDermott is medicating himself without the supervision of a doctor and that this is one of the recent causes of his recent erratic behavior." How those court documents were leaked is anyone's guess.

All that amidst the cheating scandals and therapy sessions is enough to make most couples just want to quit. But a photo of Spelling, 40, McDermott, 47, and their four children in a tender send-off embrace as McDermott heads to catch a flight has surfaced. They look like a couple still in love, despite the marital woes.

Dean McDermott Cheating Scandal 'Creepy'

One never knows what happens behind the cameras, but Daily Mail reported on May 13 that Dean couldn't wait for the filming to be over so that couple could start their true healing. According to Radar Online on May 9, he asked Spelling not to let camera crews in on their anniversary. But Spelling said they had commitments.

How Do You Think The Couple Should Work It Out?

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