The cast of The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies and Christine Baranski, spoke about the finale episode of season 9 in an interview on May 13.

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The duo spoke to E!Online at length about how their characters had shaped up over the course of the fifthe season and where they were headed. Most importantly, Margulies, who plays Alicia, said that the finale would be "game-changing" for her character.

Margulies also went into detail about how she loved the boldness with which Alicia was making life choices and sticking to her decisions without consideration for others.

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"I guess I'm most pleased with her no-bulls--t tolerance, that she's come to a place in her life where the idea that anyone thinking poorly of her would stop her from doing what she wants to do," she said.

She also spoke about how Alicia had no time for rest now and her plate was more than full. It seems like Margulies enjoys that her character is in overdrive and aggressively taking everying head on.

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"She has just this level of tolerance now that is such a fine line between choosing the right thing and not caring, and I think it's given her tremendous strength," she said. "She only has one choice. She doesn't have the luxury of staying in bed for the rest of her life. She has two children and responsibilities, so I love the way that she's now going to attack her life coming from a different point of view, and it really has nothing to do with men this time. It has to do with her own survival and what she wants."

Baranski, who plays Diane on the show, added that for her the finale, titled A Weird Year, ranks among the top three highlights of the season.

"It's one of the top three. The first one was the dissolution of the firm, throwing Alicia out of the firm with Cary, the second was Will's death, and I think the third big one will be the finale."

A Weird Year will air on May 18 on CBS.

Watch the preview for the finale here: