Kat Perkins and Kristin Merlin were sent packing last night on The Voice. Christina Grimmie actually had to be instant-saved, and the boys were safe.

Who Charted On iTunes?

Country boy Jake Worthington, and soul singer Josh Kaufman were announced as one and two, forcing Grimmie to sing for her life. As if to say sorry for her earlier song choices, Grimmie sang Apologize by One Republic and America Instant-Saved her.

Despite Merlin reaching the top 10 on iTunes with Foolish Games, she couldn't crack the Top 3 in the competition. Coach Shakira pleaded to America for her; "She's different and she represents everyone out there who's different...You're not a typical cowboy girl in cowboy boots and look how far you've come. You're making history, Kristen." She sang Carrie Underwood's Blown Away.

Rocker Perkins had been Instant-Saved twice before. Although she gave a strong performance of Underwood's Good Girl, she couldn't break the twice-saved curse.

"This girl has fought her way through two elimination weeks and deserves to fight her way through the last elimination week," Coach Adam said. "Now, whether or not that happens is irrelevant to me and to Kat, because we know that we went out there and did something different and refreshing, and we love it."

"What a ride," Perkins told Star Tribune on May 14 after her loss. "I feel like I just got done skydiving."

Both ladies think Christina Grimmie's got this thing in the bag:

"You want me to be really honest about the Christina thing?" Perkins asked HollywoodLife. "How do you compete with someone with a following like that? It's always in the back of our minds every single time we take the stage...but she's also worked her butt off to have that following... She's an amazing talent and I honestly do think she will win the whole thing. And I think America got it right the entire time with her."

Said Merlin, "How do you stack against Christina Grimmie and all her social media? That coming from her social media scared the pants off of me... She's amazing, and for me it was another chance to go out and have great time and give it my all!"

Now there are only three coaches left in the running: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Usher. They must be feeling the heat, because the banter got chilly.

"Season after season, it's been book ends...Hopefully something different will happen this season," Usher said referring to the fact that only Shelton and Levine have ever won.

"Hey Blake, Usher made the book ends reference. Without book ends isn't it true all the other books would fall off the shelf?" said Levine.

"Meaning we wouldn't be here. Adam, thank you," retorted Usher.

"Is it a little chilly in here or is that the fog for this next performance?" said Daly.

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The final stretch brings out the competitor in everyone.

As for professional performances Rascal Flatts performed Rewind, and last season's Voice finalists, Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and winner Tessanne Chin performed their new singles. They'll be going on tour with this year's Voice finalists, Kaufman, Worthington and Grimmie.

The final three perform Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC with the two-hour season finale Tuesday at 9 p.m. Who will be number one?

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