Real Housewives Of Orange County newlywed Tamra Barney dropped the f-bomb on Twitter, than quickly deleted. Her target? Gretchen Rossi's fiancé, Slade Smiley. She called him a "f---er" and a "deadbeat."

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A fan commented to Barney that she was basically a hypocrite. According to Radar Online on May 14, Bridgette Ramirez wrote: "@TamraBarney Would Talk About @SladeSmiley ALL The Time, But Now That Roles Are Reversed..She DOESN'T Like It!@GretchenRossi #Karma"

And then this happened.

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"Oh plz. That f---er is a deadbeat with a sick son. Keep supporting him, it makes you look Real good!" Barney responded.

The mother-of-four quickly deleted the incriminating tweet. But not before the media took it by storm.

Smiley has a not-so-awesome history with his ex-wife. Smiley took her to court many times to try and make her pay for the medical treatment of his son - diagnosed with cancer.

On the other side, let it be known, Barney is currently in her own custody battle war with ex-husband Simon Barney.

In another leaked tirade, Rossi took Barney to task for her publicized custody battle for her kids.

After Rossi told Life & Style she thinks Barney "cares more about RHOC than taking care of her kids," Barney said, "This nasty b---- will do anything to stay relevant," reported Radar Online on May 8.

"GO AWAY! You know nothing about my life or my kids. I pray that one day you have the happiness and beautiful children I have. I pray that your children are not hurt by divorce and their names are not [dragged] through the mud ," replied Barney.

Rossi called her a "hypocrite," reminding her how she "trash talked" her beau Slade Smiley about his broadcasted dirty laundry.

Rossi wrote: "so T I'm the evil nasty one? ... I didn't even say stuff about your kids ... Funny how you always deflect who you are onto me. #lookinthemirror."

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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