Undateable premieres May 29 on NBC, so what can fans expect from the series? Comedian Chris D'Elia as well as the ups-and-downs of modern friendship in Detroit.

Could New Characters End Up On NBC's Hottest Show?

D'Elia is a well-known comedian who was also featured on NBC's Whitney. On Undateable, D'Elia plays Danny, who takes it upon himself to teach his new roommate, Justin (Brent Morin) how to be cool.

"He's got a lot a lot of false confidence," D'Elia said about his character. "He's a little bit of a lovable loser. Girls like him, but they don't like to stay with him."

"They're very dorky, he thinks, and they need to work on their confidence," he said about his TV friends. "They need to work on a lot of things. So, he's just going to try and teach them."

Speaking of friends, the NBC show seems to be getting mixed reviews. The New York Times wrote that the show "sounds like every Friends knockoff on broadcast television," but the paper also wrote that the show sometimes "veers from the norm and is quite funny."

SFGate.com also enjoyed D'Elia as the comedy's lead. "Undateable still doesn't quite capture the zany entirety of D'Elia's comic style, but it comes closer than anything he's done so far," the reviewer wrote. "The rest of the cast is solid; the writing works; the familiar situation is at least freshened by snappy direction and appealing characters."

The show was created by Cougar Town's Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztykiel. "The idea behind this show is that due to insecurity, wardrobe choices, job situation, your 'look,' see my peroxide-blond stage, every guy and girl goes through an 'undateable' stage," Lawrence told Variety. "Most people get out of it. These folks are stuck."

Undateable premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC.