House of Cards creator, Beau Willimon, held a special Twitter interaction with fans on May 28, but while he was cautious about giving away any spoilers for season 3, he did address the sensational three-way Frank and Claire had in season 2.

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When he was asked straight up about any "surprises" fans can expect from the next season of the Netflix series, he tweeted: "Sorry, no hints. You don't want me spoiling anything for you, right?"

But while getting into the nature of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and Claire's (Robin Wright) relationship the show creator seemed to have hinted at the fact that Frank's bisexuality will not be explored as the sexual encounter was a chance happening.

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The creator was forced to go a bit deeper as the controversial three-way sex scene involving Frank and Claire from season 2 was brought up and he was asked if it would guide their relationship in the future.

"Frank & Claire have whims and desires like anyone else. It's important to see the irrational and human side of them sometimes," Willimon responded.

The third season of House of Cards will film in Maryland, where the first and second seasons were also shot. Initially, the continuation of filming of the third season of the Netflix series was fraught with troubles over the past few weeks as the producers weren't getting permission from the State of Maryland. But the issue was finally resolved on April 25.

Watch a trailer for Season 2 of House of Cards: