Two and a Half Men had been on CBS since 2003, so why is creator Chuck Lorre apologizing for his hit comedy now?

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While being honored for one of his other CBS sitcom Mom at the Television Academy Honors, Lorre reportedly made fun of his own TV show starring Ashton Kutcher.

"To do a show about people trying to redeem their lives and to salvage and repair the damage they've done, for me, it's an opportunity to apologize for Two and a Half Men," Lorre reportedly told the crowd, which sounds like more of a joke than an apology.

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Lorre's Mom was being honored for an episode that focused on Allison Janney's character. Janney plays an alcoholic named Bonnie whose life needs help getting back on track on the show.

"It's a dark area. It destroys lives, it destroys families, and if you're as cavalier about it, that's not right, but if you can't laugh at it maybe that's not exactly right either," Lorre told Variety about the Mom episode being honored. "Somewhere in the middle there is a balance between the two. There is comedy to be had, it just takes a little time to find it."

Two and Half Men is set to end next year after Season 12. Kutcher famously replaced Charlie Sheen on the hit show, also starring Jon Cryer. When asked in May if Sheen (whose character is dead on the show), will be returning, CBS chairwoman Nina Tassler remarked, "Chuck Lorre has a lot of surprises in store, I'm not sure this is one of them."