Rumor has it that The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman might have not found her Prince Charming on the show as she might still be single. Dorfman's recent dramatic weight loss indicates that the reality television star might still be "concentrating on herself" and looking for love after failing to do so on the show.

Is Andi Dorfman Already Engaged To Someone Off The Show?

The Georgia beauty has been hitting the gym hard after admitting to gaining a few pounds while on the show, leading to the speculation that she is either single or plans to be single in the future, according to websites like The Stir. Many are saying that her weight loss is due to either loneliness, although it will be another month until viewers find out the truth.

Despite the rumors, there's also talk that Dorfman might be engaged after all. Blogger Reality Steve says that both she and her final guy are still engaged, although he doesn't share any specifics regarding any visits or meetings between the two since filming wrapped. Still, fans can't help but guess what Dorfman is up to and if she's indeed taken or not.

Even with the rumors, Dorfman did recently say that she is still hopeful that she'll find love on the show.

"These dates that you might see last 10 minutes are sometimes actually lasting 10 hours, and there is a lot of time that you really, really get to know these people," Dorfman said about the show on her blog. "The guys this season were so open and honest and told me about their past and their fears and really got in depth and I think that allows for that love to happen. It's beyond what viewers see a lot of times." 

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The Bachelorette airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. EST/PST on the ABC network.