Jun 11, 2014 05:03 PM EDT By Sam Machado

Caitlin Rice PHOTOS: A Look At Instagram's Rising Gym & Workout Starlet [VIDEO]

Instagram models have become very popular lately and one of the girls who's gradually spreading all over the Internet is Caitlin Rice.

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This model is typically known for her gym pictures, which could be a form of motivating other people to work out. Rice seems to spend a lot of time there based on her images that show off her curvaceous figure.

A couple of weeks ago she posted a picture with two shots of her. One of them is a slight back shot, exposing her muscular thighs and behind while the other shows off her chest. She's wearing a blue and white striped top with tight blue pants as she rests her knee on an exercise ball.

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Another one of Rice's photos shows her taking a mirror selfie with her phone as she wears a black top with a denim jacket and tiny white shorts. She lets her bottom torso stick out as her blonde locks flow down.

Rice is really not afraid to bare her skin based on an image last month that shows her in front of a mirror in blue lingerie. While her legs and abs are exposed, her biceps also draw out the eye.

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