Social media star Jen Selter is taking her racy images to a new level with a revealing new picture that not only advertises her body, but a certain workout product as well.

Jen Selter Shows Off Muscular Figure In Artistic Image

The picture that was posted on Selter's Instagram page on Wednesday shows the model's body from her chest down to her waist. Her cleavage takes up a majority of the image as she wears a black bikini top with bottoms that make a purple, yellow and white pattern.

The model's stomach muscles are exposed as she holds a special kind of weight loss treatment in her hand. The product is called Teatox, which is a beverage that comes with ingredients to help with weight loss. The brand that Selter is holding is called "Bootea."

Jen Selter Reveals Her Two Favorite Things

The model captioned this image, "@BooteaUk Perfect summer teatox!"

Selter has become a popular hit on the Internet with her Instagram pictures that show how hard she works at the gym. She recently wrote a story for New York Post on how she's been helping out others, mainly her mother who supposedly has better abs than her daughter.

"Her ab attack began last summer, when I was really getting into fitness and starting to post photos of myself on Instagram," Selter wrote. "My mom saw how much my body had changed and decided it was time for her to get into shape, too!"

"And she wanted me to help her get there," she added.

Selter currently has more than three million followers on Instagram.

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