Eric Balfour believes Haven's days are numbered, but the actor is confident that the series will not leave its main characters hanging.

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As the Syfy program enters its supersized fifth season (26 episodes to be aired as essential two separate seasons), Duke (Balfour), Audrey (Emily Rose), and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) have developed bonds that have almost eclipsed the importance of the supernatural happenings of the little Maine town. It is these relationships that Balfour hopes will thrive during the upcoming season.

"These characters have grown so much and whatever the sci-fi genre of it has almost, in my opinion, become secondary to these relationships between the character," Balfour explained to Good Nerd Bad Nerd at the 2014 Saturn Awards. "So [the writers] are really trying to honor that and explore those relationships."

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When the trio does put an end to the troubles, what sort of lives will our heroes be left to live (if they survive, that is)? That is something the series' writers are currently trying to work out.

"What we're doing with what I think is going to be the last two seasons of the show is we're really going to dive into the relationships of these characters and what their world's are going to be when this is all over," Balfour informed Good Nerd Bad Nerd.

Find out more when Haven returns to Syfy later this year. Click the video below to see a preview of the series' last episode, "The Lighthouse."