Andy Cohen is finally opening up about why Aviva Drescher isn't included in the opening credits of this season's Real Housewives of New York. The Bravo exec explains that Drescher is simply not in as many episodes as the other Real Housewives, leading to the speculation that she might have gotten demoted on the show.

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Rumor has it that Drescher was temporarily fired for refusing to attend mandatory cast functions, although Cohen explains that's not the case.

"She's not in about five or six of the episodes this season," Cohen says. "In the show intro they have the characters who are in the episode so we didn't include her in the intros for the episodes she's not in."

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Cohen also added that Drescher is the only Real Housewife of the franchise who has been notably absent in numerous episodes this season, including a trip to Montana with her other cast mates.

He added, "I don't think we have had a Housewife on another series miss as many episodes. So... just somethin' different!"

Meanwhile, Drescher has opened up about her "bag of crazy" during a recent episode regarding the Montana trip this season.

In a teaser clip, Drescher sits down with Ramona Singer and Kristen Taekman to discuss an upcoming trip to Montana when Taekman supposedly accuses Drescher of faking an illness so she wouldn't have to join them on their excursion.

Drescher ignites a fight with Taekman by proclaiming, "This woman is sitting here, saying that I'm making this stuff up. That's a hell of an accusation, ma'am."

Taekman defended her accusations by replying with, "Aviva I still think it's crazy that like, you're totally fine and your health is perfect, and I invite you to Montana and you can't go because you've got asthma all of a sudden."

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST/PST on the Bravo Network.