Breastfeeding Reality Show In The Works

In a recent issue of Time magazine, the topic of breast feeding children beyond their toddler years was explored in great detail.  But if you thought the breast stopped within those magazine pages then you're sadly mistaken. 

Revolving around mothers who regularly practice breastfeeding beyond the ideal years of their children, a new reality show appropriately titled "Extreme Parenting" will hit boob tubes (no pun intended of course) across the nation. 

The investigative program will expose viewers to some of America's different parenting techniques.  The platform will also serve as grounds for debate in which parents will argue both for and against the touchy topic.  The show will be thrust onto the airwaves by the makers of shows such as "Bridezillas" and "Dance Moms."

According to Soda Head, the World Health Organization encourages moms to nurse their offspring until the age of two.  The write up also notes that doctors recommend the mothers should strictly stick with the mammary milk for the first six months of a child's life.  It goes onto state that from that point on, the parent can begin to wean their son or daughter off of it and begin supplementing regular food.

It was also reported on Soda Head that Lactation consultant Karen McGratty still nurses her 3-year-old son and said that "Experienced pediatricians realize that the benefits of breastfeeding don't just magically disappear after one year."

Jessica Pielko with the company "Care 2" makes note that breastfeeding has great health benefits for both the mother and baby, but goes on to say:  "The company responsible for the exploitative and maternally manipulative "Dance Moms" really present the idea of breast feeding beyond infancy in any way other than as some moralistically confused and sexually problematic trope? I doubt it."

Whether positive or negative, the idea of continued parenting in the form of breastfeeding has caused a lot of stir amongst the population's general majority. 

As the saying goes, milk does a body good.  But should it have to mention at what age and how to consume?

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