The Haven producers are uncertain of the series' future, but they aren't going to let that keep them from giving the program the ending it deserves.

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To do this, at least one of Haven's producers has "promised that he's shooting two endings," according to TV Line.

This news comes from Eric Balfour (Duke) as the Syfy series moves to film episodes 9 and 10 of the 26-episode fifth season. At the Saturn Awards in late June, Balfour caused fans some consternation when he told Good Nerd Bad Nerd that the upcoming season could be it for the troubled Maine town.

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"Nobody at the network's said that, but we are viewing it that way," Balfour clarified while speaking with TV Line. "The writers are of the opinion that you don't get the opportunity to see the finish line very often on a television series, so knowing that we have the ability to sort of plan for that - and we have [the length of] two seasons to do it, it's not like it's tomorrow - I actually am of the opinion that I hope we do it, because I would love to give the fans a real ending and honor the show that way."

Meanwhile, writer Brian Millikin also reassured fans that the ratings will hopefully be the deciding factor for Syfy.

"No decision has been made about another season after these 26," Millikin wrote on Saturday. "They'll wait to see ratings this fall, I imagine."

Find out more when Haven returns to Syfy this fall. Click the video below to see a preview of the series' latest episode, "The Lighthouse."