Haven is turning their focus towards Audrey and Nathan's mysterious rings during season 5, and some origins for the enigmatic bands have already been ruled out.

The two rings entered the storyline way back in season 2, but their purpose was never revealed and neither Audrey (Emily Rose) nor Nathan (Lucas Bryant) appeared to be interested in investigating the matter.

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However, TV Line recently reported "the rings will play a role in the show's supersized new season." In response to this, writer Brian Millikan fielded a few fan questions on the matter.

Thanks to his answers, we now know that the rings are not bound up with native lore and their composition is not of major concern.

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"Not Native American, no," Millikan wrote with certainty. "Not sure what the material of the actual rings are, however."

In addition, it is also known that one of Audrey's previous selves owned her ring. While Nathan retrieved his from his father's rocky remains during "A Tale of Two Audreys," Audrey obtained hers from Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave (John Dunsworth) during "Sins of the Father."

Find out more when Haven returns to Syfy later this year. Click the video below to see a preview of the series' latest episode, "The Lighthouse."