The remains of the late Mary Richardson Kennedy were exhumed last week and transferred roughly 700 feet and reburied in St. Francis Xavier Cemetery in Centerville, Massachusetts.

According to the Daily News, Gravedigger Frank Maki who witnessed the transporting of the body, said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wanted Mary in an open area where they are currently looking to buy about 50 additional plots.

It is alleged that Mary's siblings were not in the loop that their sister was being exhumed and moved to a new spot at the cemetery that is closer to the entrance. 

Attempting to sue Kennedy, the court ruled against them and Robert was given the rights to move the corpse closer to the Shriver side of the family.

"We were unaware of this, and we were not informed about it," Richardson's family lawyer Patricia Hennessey told the Daily News. Hennessey represented the Richardson's in their fight to have Mary buried closer to her children's home.

The man who represented Kennedy, Attorney Steve McSweeney declined to give his comments on the matter.

Mary, who was only 52, was found dead at the family's estate in Bedford, NY after hanging herself.  She was suffering from severe depression, a pending divorce from Robert and drug/alcohol addiction.  She also had two charges on the count of driving while intoxicated.

According to the Daily News, her autopsy report showed that her fingers were caught between her neck and the noose when she was found; which was a clear indicator that she may have had second thoughts about going through with the suicide.

Kennedy had previously made claims that his wife physically abused him, ran over the dog and drank excessively until she passed out.  He also said that she threatened to kill herself in front of their children.

The Richardson's continue to deny Kennedy's story calling it a lie.