It's been a while since Tamar Braxton had a social media war but now she goes head-to-head with her sister, Toni Braxton's assistant on Instagram this weekend.

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Rumor has it that Tamar shaded Toni and that didn't sit well with the Unbreak My Heart singer's right hand man, Zo.

He apparently decided to clap back at Tamar after she commented on a video a fan and friend of Zo posted that showed one of her dancer's wigs falling off during a performance.

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Tamar wrote, "Ion know if I can comment cause my ig stalker might get on board"

That's when Braxton's assistant made an appearance and came for Tamar ruthlessly.

He wrote, "Because she's so booked yet on IG all day commenting about ME on MY friends pictures but has MY number. But IM the stalker?"

Zo went on to diss the concert that his friend was referring to.

"Oh and since the post is about the show...shall we comment? On that lip synched non singing and dancing show of yours? got a soul rain award acting like this I could only imagine if you got a BET award. Don't tell us what you got nominated for tell us what you won nephew."

Zo also called Tamar, "unbooked, unbothered, unsold, unsung, unfortunate, pressed, delayed and bitter"

Tamar responded, "Was this post to and about ME or naw?.....but I'm unbooked AND #unbothered"

Tamar also took to her own Instagram to reply to Zo's rant. She posted a picture that reads, "you must be this relevant for a [care] to be given"

Toni is said to have commented on the social media battle, but insiders close to her say it was "a mistake." Her tweets on the matter have been since deleted.