Real Life Krusty Krab: West Bank Restaurant Mimics SpongeBob Squarepants [VIDEO]


Sometimes, people's affinity for pop culture provides moneymaking opportunities in this world of ours.

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Sometimes, a company opens a restaurant designed to remind people of a cartoon to capitalize on that very thing. On Tuesday, E! Online reported that there is a restaurant opening soon that purports to be a real life Krusty Krab, the name of the restaurant that the titular character of SpongeBob Squarepants works.

The company in question, Salta Burgers, has announced their plans to open a Krusty Krab in the city of Ramallah, which is in the West Bank. The restaurant will focus on selling seafood, but will also sell Krabby Patties, the staple food offered by Krusty Krab in the cartoon.

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Salta Burgers posted several photos on their Facebook page that indicate this isn't just using a name as a cash grab. No, their cash grabbing plans go much further than that. They are recreating the inside of the restaurant with an impressive degree of detail. The real life Krusty Krab just had their "soft opening," and it remains to be seen if they are able to actually turn people's affinity for SpongeBob Squarepants into an effective business model. There are many pop culture indebted food institutions that have fallen by the wayside due to a lack of interest, and those weren't located in the West Bank, either.

That being said, credit is due for the creativity, even if Salta Burgers is just copying an existing concept from a cartoon show. This is as close as most people will get to eating at a fast food chain under the sea, and nostalgia is a powerful tool.

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