According to Aviva Drescher, she uses her leg for one thing and one thing only: to stand on. The Real Housewives of New York star has recently denied that she uses her prosthetic leg as a weapon, despite the fact that she recently threw it across a room, or as a "sex toy."

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The reality television star told TMZ that she wasn't trying to hurt anyone with her prosthetic projectile when she angrily hurled it at co-star Heather Thomson during a heated argument.

"I've never used my leg for anything," Drescher told TMZ. "I didn't throw it at anybody, I threw it at the table and on the floor."

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She also said that she would never consider going into prosthetic porn or use it as a sex toy, calling it "weird."

Just recently, Drescher explained why she threw her leg in the first place. The leggy blonde says that the reason why she took off her leg during her heated argument with her other cast members is because she didn't have anything else nearby to throw.

"Most people would take off their glasses and slam them on the table but in this case I wasn't wearing any glasses," Drescher explained. "All I could slam on the table and remove was my leg. I consider myself fortunate that I have that ability to do that."

Drescher further justifies her move by saying that she had no other choice but to make her point clear as she has been "attacked" by the other Housewives all season long.