'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Star Meagan Tandy Dishes On Braeden, Her Co-stars & More [EXCLUSIVE]


Actress Meagan Tandy is fulfilling one of her dream roles by playing a skilled warrior named Braeden on Teen Wolf.

"About a year ago, I would've told anybody that I would've actually loved to play a role like what I'm playing now," Tandy told Enstars over the phone this week. "I wanted to be the Lara Croft of some big show, or big movie, and I feel like I'm kind of doing it."

The actress, 29, made her first appearance on the popular MTV show last June and was told that her character would quickly be killed off. However - thanks to the character's likeability - Braeden was brought back for season four with more onscreen time and a bigger story arc.

"She's definitely going to start to care about what's actually happening," Tandy revealed about her once indifferent character. "There are certain things that are going to take place and certain people in her life that are just going to start to make her care a little bit more. She also has more of a drive behind what she's doing."

Her character on Teen Wolf is far different than the bully, Lulu Pope, she played on ABC's Jane by Design in 2012. "The fandom hated her character," Tandy recalled. "On Teen Wolf, I'm actually one of the good guys so far and everyone has been loving my character."

Tandy, who landed her big break as Denzel Washington's daughter in 2010's Unstoppable, considers Teen Wolf a highlight of her career. She spoke highly of the show and its fan base and also emphasized how quickly her co-stars embraced her.

"Every time I go on set I feel like I've been there since the beginning," she said of the show which premiered in 2011. "They've just been so fun to work with and they've really welcomed me and made me feel like I'm a part of team."

Although she enjoys the action of Teen Wolf, the former Miss California USA hopes to one day act in a serious drama, preferably alongside Academy Award-winning actress Meryl Streep. "I think anything with her would bring depth, a little bit of emotion and some true drama," Tandy said.

The actress also plans to grow Girl Talk, a mentoring program she founded last year that focuses on females ages 11 to 17. Along with the help of California-based mentoring program Women on the Move Network and her own personal funding, Tandy will soon host Girl Talk's second seminar. This year, the 60 participants will get prepared for the upcoming school year and receive school supplies, advice from various speakers and tips from teachers.

"Besides the whole acting and the entertainment industry, I have this huge passion for today's youth," Tandy explained. "[Girl Talk] is growing, so hopefully it will just keep on going."

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