As Ray Donovan's second season has returned to television screens, fans eagerly await what new troubles might swamp the fixer. In a recent interview, show producer Mark Gordon revealed that actually many of Ray's old issues will still linger.

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Speaking to International Business Times, Gordon suggested that the Donovan family will have a whole lot of baggage to deal with.

"I think we've done it," Gordon said. "Ann and the staff of writers have created a season which takes us, really, right from where we ended the first season, almost literally, and allows us to follow Ray as the circumstances that he's found himself in and the circumstances his family is in continue to plague them and continue to create for problems for them."

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Gordon also spoke about some very consequential incidents that matter.

"What we are doing in Ray Donovan Season 2 is continuing to explore, on every level, what would naturally progress after what we've seen in Season 1," Gordon said. "So yes, Sully is killed, and the priest is no longer there, and there all kinds of things wrapped up, but were they really? And what are the ramifications of Sully's death and the priest's death? And what are the ramifications of the different things that have happened to our characters?"

Ray Donovan's second season premiered on July 13.

The third episode of the season will air on Sunday, July 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Watch the preview here: