Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez 2014: Orlando Bloom Punches ‘Boyfriend’ Singer After He Talks About Miranda Kerr In Ibiza [VIDEO]


Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom reportedly got into an altercation early this morning over Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr in Ibiza.

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According to Page Six Wednesday, Bloom and Bieber got into it at Cipriani in Ibiza, Spain after Bieber reportedly made a rude comment about Kerr to her ex-husband.

"Justin was at one table, and Orlando was at another," a source told the website, "But when Bieber and his party were later walking past Bloom's table, Orlando refused to shake Bieber's hand." Then "Bieber said something rude to Orlando, like, 'She was good.'"

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That's when Bloom reportedly threw a punch at Bieber. But, a Bieber source told the site that he didn't even know Bloom was there and "it was Orlando who was just being an a-hole to Justin."

A second source also told E! Online that Bieber only said something to Bloom after he punched him. "Justin was being cordial to the guy, but then Orlando took a swing and missed. That's when Justin mouthed off to him -- but only after Orlando took the swing."

When the two did get back together, they exchanged words and then "Orlando threw a punch at Bieber," said a source. "He just tried to pop him! The whole place cheered."

After the reported incident, Bieber posted a pic of Kerr on his Instagram page, but later deleted it. Kerr and Bieber reportedly got very close after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012, while Bloom and Bieber's ex Selena Gomez were spotted hanging out together this April.

Bieber meanwhile tweeted afterwards "Keeping it positive" while Bloom's rep has had no comment yet.

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