While primarily known for her sex tape scandal, sex toy line, and recent erotic book trilogy, former MTV Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham recently opened up about why she's decided to go into the restaurant business.

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"I am still going to school, I am doing my online for my finance degree right now," explained Abraham in a recent interview with Rumor Fix (featured below). The reality star's goal is to open a "super healthy" restaurant on South Congress in her home of Austin, Texas this year.

"I'm staying true to healthy and family friendly," added Abraham, noting that her restaurant, intended to be part of a future chain, will include "fresh and frozen cuisine in an innovative digital seal service environment."

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Inspired by her community and her upbringing, Abraham wanted to supply consumers with something that they wanted. "I grew up, my family was gluten free a lot…" she admitted, "I just thought of all my friends and family in making this."

While the star isn't afraid to discuss her aspirations, she claimed that she's very "humble" when it comes to her new business venture.

The reality star lives in Austin with her five-year-old daughter Sophia and has admitted that she and her little girl could be seen occasionally stopping by the eatery. While Abraham has had multiple business endeavors, this would be the first one appropriate enough to share with her young daughter.

Abraham's restaurant is scheduled to open in Austin on October 1.