Filming sex scenes can be awkward for any actor, but Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan revealed yesterday that her co-star Michael Sheen took it to a different level.

Lizzy Caplan Didn't Think She Could Perform Drama Before Show

While on Conan, Caplan talked about the first sex scene she and Sheen filmed for the show together. Caplan explained tha thet first scene they filmed like that was a scene where Sheen had to place his hand on her breast after they were talking about science.

"I was scared, mainly because he was my friend at that point. I don't generally conduct myself in that way with my friends," she said. "Generally." Caplan continued to say that she thought it would be "fine" because they're both professional.

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Caplan revealed that she became very nervous on set and was shaky, but so was Sheen, so it made her feel better.

"They yell cut and he immediately walks over to a garbage can and throws up," Caplan said. She said she later found out that Sheen had food poisoning, but that in the moment she thought it was "a direct cause and effect" situation about her.

"I'm a monster and anybody who touches me will immediately start vomiting," Caplan joked on the talk show. This year, Caplan was nominated for her first Emmy award for Masters of Sex in the Lead Actress in a Drama Series category.

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