Masters of Sex returned to Showtime on July 13 amongst Emmy nominations for the hit critical drama. One of the nominees was star Lizzy Caplan who plays Virginia Johnson.

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Caplan was nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Masters of Sex. Even though that accolade felt obviously amazing for the actress, Caplan told Variety on July 17, that it feels really good when women compliment her portrayal of the real life Johnson.

"I always appreciate it ten times more when a woman, especially a smart woman, says that," Caplan told the magazine. "Of course, I only play a woman who has to juggle things in her life. I, quite honestly, have this show and that's it. I find it difficult even just juggling going home and getting a proper night's sleep, so if I were to add kids to the mix I'd probably have a nervous breakdown."

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Caplan added when talking to Entertainment Weekly about her Emmy nomination that she really didn't think it would happen for her. "I was rooting for the show and for Michael [Sheen]," she added.

Although Sheen wasn't nominated, he did say how much he enjoyed playing Bill Masters because he "challenges the audience."

"As an actor this is what I love to do, playing complicated characters, and this allows me to do that," Sheen said. "I'm not interested in playing a nice character or a likeable character because I don't see people that way. I find people very complicated."