The next DC comics movie, Batman v. Superman, is yet to come out but all eyes seem to be on the superhero team-up in the planned movie, Justice League. But with all the heroes already making appearances in Batman v. Superman, what will happen in the follow-up?

'Justice League' Movie To Come Early 2017?

As of now, DC has teased the release date of the movie to be at some point in 2017. The schedule that Warner Bros. released had two dates in 2016 (one being Batman v. Superman). They have not said anything about what the second movie would be, possibly a Wonder Woman solo film, but Dan Fellman said to expect the announcements of the movies soon.

Right now the story is up in the air. Zack Snyder is set to return to the directing chair with Chris Terrio, who worked on Argo and assisted with Batman v. Superman, penning the screenplay. With many of the heroes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman already making appearances in Batman v. Superman, it should lead to some turnover in the team-up that will include Green Lantern and others.

'Justice League' Rumors: Will It Start With Batman & Wonder Woman Vs. Superman?

Warner Bros. and DC have also made it clear that there will be no crossover with the televisions series like Arrow and The Flash, which feature two Justice League heroes on the smaller screen. Arrow star Stephen Amell has reached out on Facebook to say he won't be in Batman v. Superman, but a Justice League appearance is still up to debate.

Having some sort of tie-over with television would be interesting because it is something Marvel is doing, but without any large direct ties. They are mainly sticking with smaller characters like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and having series that flesh out the characters before they show up in Justice League could be ambitious and new.

Not much is known about Justice League, but that will all change with the release of Batman v. Superman and the beginning of the DC Cinematic Universe.