As Transformers 4: Age of Extinction raked in the big bucks at the box office, all manner of spoilers about its sequel Transformers 5 have begun to surface. A recent report dished the most exciting of the lot revealing the concept art of a female decepticon which was to be used for Age of Extinction but was eventually dropped.

The female decepticon looks quite scary and menacing, and also has a long robotic tail, definitely deserving inclusion in the movie. Whatever the reasons for dropping the idea, it could still be up for grabs and would make for an exciting new attraction for fans in Transformers 5.

A report dated August 7 speculated the inclusion of new robots and particularly Rodimus Prime, while suggesting that Opitmus Prime will die. But alas, the facts were derived of a parody website which was tapping in on the Transformers 5 mania.

The satire article that made the suggestion had gone viral recently and has alse been perpetuating the rumor. In fact there are a whole lot of other rumors doing the rounds. As Optimus Prime was seen traveling into space, headed to Cybertron to meet his maker at the end of Age of Extinction, many believe that the sequel would be set in Cybertron and there were a lot of theories being suggested to corroborate that. But in a recent interview, producer Lorenzo de Bonaventura revealed that it was more likely that the saga will continue to unfold on mortal land and there were no plans to set it in space. In fact Bonaventura also stated that the setting for Transformers 5 will be very similar to that of Age of Extinction.

And of the characters that are expected to return, there've been predictions about Lockdown being resuscitated as has been the case with other machines in the movie's past -- Megatron came back to life in his new avatar as Galvatron. In fact some reports have hinted that a new version of Megatron or Galvatron will be making a massive comeback with Transformers 5. But the most excitingly scary prediction so far has been that Optimus Prime might die in the sequel and Rodimus will take over.

Transformers: Age of Extinction hit theaters on June 27, 2014.

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