'Homeland' Season 4 Spoilers: Carrie Leaving Baby Behind In USA Because 'I Don't Have A Choice' In New Trailer [VIDEO]

A new trailer for Season 4 of Showtime's Homeland has been released, this one emphasizing the sacrifice Carrie (Claire Danes) has chosen to make in order to protect her country.

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Showtime released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Homeland, which sees Carrie assuming her new position as Station Chief in Islamabad, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan. In order to take the new job, she has to leave her and Brody's (Damian Lewis) baby back in the U.S. with her family, as seen in the trailer.

Carrie is seen talking to her sister Maggie (Amy Hargreaves) in the trailer about leaving her baby behind.

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"They're sending me back, I don't have a choice," Carrie says, much to Maggie's chagrin.

At another point in the trailer someone asks Carrie, "checking off names on a kill list... it doesn't bother you?"

Carrie simply responds, "It's a job."

This attitude seems to suggest that Carrie will continue to do everything she can to protect her country, even if it means greatly affecting those around her.

Meanwhile, Saul (Mandy Patinkin) doles out some philosophy in the trailer, explaining, "It hasn't been a 14-year war we've been waging but a one-year war - waged 14 times."

The trailer also shows Carrie and Quinn (Rupert Friend) in a car together when it suddenly gets broken into by Middle Eastern citizens. It seems that Carrie is definitely putting herself in harm's way in the new episodes as she transitions to a vastly different culture.

Homeland Season 4 is set to premiere Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime. It will be a two-hour premiere event.

Watch the trailer for the new season of Homeland here:

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