'Fantastic Four' Reboot News: Story May Feature Alternative Version Of Doctor Doom, Be More In Line With 'Ultimate' Comics [VIDEO]

With the first look at the villain, Doctor Doom, for the Fantastic Four reboot coming yesterday, it seems like the story could be going a different route from the more traditional version of the super villain and be more in line with a newer comic line.

First Image Of Doctor Doom From Set Of The 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Josh Wilding at Comic Book Movie speculated on Twitter that the new look for Doctor Doom could mean that the plot for the reboot is going to be more along the lines of the Ultimate Marvel comic books than the more traditional version.

In the Ultimate comics, Doctor Doom is Victor van Damme, a direct descendant of Vlad Tepes Dracula. Victor is introduced as part of the Baxter Building, a government think-tank of young geniuses, which counts among its students Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

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He works to help Reed Richards develop a teleporter to the "N-Zone," but reprograms its coordinates without telling anyone. This causes the accident that gave the Ultimate Fantastic Four their powers, though Victor maintains that the original Richards programming was so bad that even he couldn't fix it, and that it was this that led to the accident.

Van Damme is caught in the same accident, and his flesh was changed into a metallic hide (with a somewhat reduced ability to perceive tactile sensations and pain), clawed hands and his legs transmogrified into demonic goat-hooved legs. He re-appeared on Earth in Copenhagen.

Initially, he assumes that he himself was the only one who had been transformed by the accident. Reed speculates this to be the result of Doom's own arrogance causing him to assume that only he was 'worthy' of such a transformation. Doom denounces Reed as a 'freak' during their initial confrontation when he finally learns what Reed's powers are

Following this storyline would give the franchise the opportunity to re-invent Doctor Doom, but still have an engaging story that would make fans happy. It would also be something different in the form of the villain and maybe make him more involved in the fight.

Fantastic Four is set to open in theaters on June 19, 2015.

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